Zabbix 5.0 LTS release with advanced security and scalable features and integration with external applications

The new release of Zabbix comes with significant improvements in usability, security and integration. The main strategy that the entire team of the company adheres to is to make Zabbix as accesible as possible - a free open-source monitoring solution that can be implemented in its own infrastructure as well as in the cloud. It is available on the latest releases of platforms, containers and Linux distributions from RedHat/IBM, SuSE, Ubuntu. Zabbix single-click implementation is now available on Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, IBM/RedHat Cloud, Oracle and Digital Ocean. Zabbix technical support services are also offered at Red Hat and Azure Marketplace.

In addition, the Zabbix monitoring tool provides the possibility of integration with messengers, ticketing and alert systems. The new release has expanded the list of supported services and applications that can be effortlessly monitored. 

Learn about some of the new features:

  • Automation and browsing. The new version of Zabbix comes with an improved automation feature. The new version has added automatic detection of hardware components, Windows-related resources, and enhanced detection of Java metrics.
  • Scalability. The Zabbix user interface has been optimized for easier monitoring of millions of devices.
  • The new Zabbix monitoring agent was given "officially supported“ status. The new extensible agent provides advanced features for the most demanding customers and for comprehensive use cases. It is based on a plugin architecture with the ability to collect metric data using a variety of methods and technologies. Zabbix is convinced that it is the most advanced monitoring agent on the market.
  •  Významné vylepšenia bezpečnosti - nové vylepšenia zaručujú, že všetky komponenty Zabbixu komunikujú bezpečným spôsobom a tiež používajú zabezpečené protokoly pre odchádzajúcu komunikáciu, a to bez akéhokoľvek ovplyvnenia výkonu. Konfigurovateľné šifry a schopnosť definovať „blacklisty“ a „whitelisty“ pre metriky sú rozhodujúce pre tých, ktorí používajú Zabbix vo vysoko citlivých prostrediach.
  • Compression for TimescaleDB. Compressing metric history data helps increase performance and efficiency while reducing operating costs.
  • Usability improvements. The new version is optimized for widescreen displays and, among other UI improvements, also brings support for extending the user interface (UI) with custom modules or other manufacturers.

Zabbix 5.0 LTS (Long Term Support) is a version with 5 years of official support. It combines innovation and stability with the time-tested features introduced in non-LTS Zabbix 4.2 and 4.4, making it a great choice for large enterprise environments.

Nové a aktualizované školiace kurzy, aktualizovaná podpora produktu

Along with major enhancements comes the release of Zabbix 5.0 LTS with updates and support for Zabbix training. Zabbix LLC offers a variety of training courses to help users expand their knowledge of the Zabbix monitoring solution. Zabbix 5.0 LTS brings changes to the current Zabbix training programs, which contain information about the features of the new release and will be provided until the next LTS release. The Zabbix team is also implementing one-day remote training to deepen users' knowledge in specific areas - Zabbix API, Zabbix pre-processing, Zabbix Automation & Discovery, Zabbix Visualize IT, Zabbix Performance Optimization, Zabbix SNMP, SNMP traps, IMPI. For a complete list of available courses, visit Zabbix:   na stránke Zabbix. 


  • Zabbix 5.0 je teraz k dispozícii na stiahnutie.
  • Preskúmajte, čo je nové v Zabbix 5.0 tu.
  • Viac informácií, dokumentáciu a prehľad funkcií nájdete tu.

About company

Zabbix LLC is headquartered in Europe, Japan, Russia and the United States. Its founder, CEO and creator of products is Alexei Vladishev. The core area of Zabbix LLC's work is the development of open-source software for monitoring networks and applications. In addition, the company offers a wide range of professional services designed to meet the unique business requirements of each customer, including implementation, integration, custom development and consulting services, as well as various training programs. The mission of the Zabbix team is to make an excellent monitoring solution available to everyone. Zabbix was first launched in 2001. Zabbix was established as a company in 2005 to provide professional technical support services. Zabbix's customers include government agencies from various countries and some of the world's largest telecommunications, financial, educational, retail and healthcare companies, many of which are on the Fortune 500 list.

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