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Combining several systems into one solution - a control center that oversees the operation of IT on the basis of the parts: backup, monitoring, helpdesk and central registration of technological elements.

Zero Downtime Center is a set of tools for managing IT and data centers, which are essential for the reliable operation of your IT infrastructure. At the same time, we create methodology and management tools for your IT manager. 

The result of our many years' experience in designing, building and operating a reliable and secure IT infrastructure is the Zero Downtime Center - a set of tools and services aimed at meeting the goals of a modern IT department. The individual modules are designed so as they could be used separately, in various sizes of IT departments and so as they were able to take into account the required ratio of investment and operating resources intended for the operation of the IT department.

All our modules encompass our many years of experience, we implement the system with expertise supervision and technical support services for the given module. Our journey does not end with the development Zero Downtime Center modules. We are constantly working on further improvements and the development of new modules, the aim of which is to contribute to the dream of all IT managers - zero downtime and peaceful sleep.

Zero Downtime Center modules

Zero Downtime Backup - Zálohovanie, archivácia a obnova dát
Zero Downtime Backup

Data Backup, archiving and recovery.

Zero Downtime Monitoring - Včasné a proaktívne predikovanie kritických udalostí
Zero Downtime Monitoring

Timely and proactive prediction of critical events.

Zero Downtime Desk - Akútna podpora a riešenie požiadaviek používateľa
Zero Downtime Desk

Hotline and user support.

The basic precondition for the uninterrupted provision of IT services is the effective management of services and related technical infrastructure, including the provision of support to users. During their work, IT managers face challenging tasks such as:

  • to secure and protect valuable company data from damage, loss, misuses and theft
  • to prevent unforeseen downtimes ultimately leading to a treat to the company's reputation and to a reduction or complete loss of expected revenues
  • to make effective decisions about changes and updates of the IT environment and services so that they can meet the expectations of the company's business strategy while keeping the costs
  • to ensure sufficient support of provided services for internal users as well as external customers and consumers
  • to change the IT department from a cost item to a factor contributing to the company's revenue and profit growth.
The Zero Downtime Center modules are provided in three different business variants:


Purchase of hardware and licenses

The hardware, licenses and the individual modules are in your ownership and they are operated in your data center. For this variant, the costs represent the investment in hardware, licenses and modules and costs related to the operation of own data center (server room).


Hardware and license rental

Hardware, software and modules are our property and are operated in your data center. In this variant, you pay the operating costs and the monthly fee for their rental.


Purchase of a cloud service

The monthly fee is only for the module that is operated in our data center. The data components that are necessary for the operation of the service are located in your data center. 

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